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I thought this couldn't happen in the UK...


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But it will all be OK, as they "issued injunctions' against some of the known gang members. OOOOHHH, scary!

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Notice how, in that first one (that's the only one I've read, so far), it's the gun's problem. The gun is at fault.


>The gun used to shoot a seven-year-old boy and his mum had already injured others.


As revealed in the MEN the weapon fired at Christian Hickey, and his mother, Jayne, is believed to have been used in eight other shootings in the north west - including one other in Salford.


But GMP have now confirmed the gun has been used to inflict injuries on other people.<


How about "the thugs have injured others. The thugs are believed to have done eight other shootings. The thugs have inflicted injuries"?


I hate "reporting" like that.

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It can't. Strict Gun Control Laws prevent it. Strictly propaganda. Nothing to see here ...... Move along .........



Exactly! ;) It wasn't on CNBC, therefore it in't happen.

Koolaid anyone? :rolleyes:

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