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Rancho Roy

Fantastic Book and a Movie

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The book I'm half way through and I simply can't put down is Brian Kilmeade "Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates"....Amazing how it mimics what is currently happening with Muslims in north Africa......I always thought TJ was the greatest president of all time, but now I'm sure.....Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, Barbary Pirates, Creation of a Navy, Solidification of the Marines........Amazing amount of work in one lifetime!
The movie is an Amazon original called "EDGE".......Lots of 1860 Henry conversation and scenes, lots of 186o Colt stuff......Way too much blood and nasty sex......but a real comic book movie. I believe it will become a series. Free on Amazon Prime.

Martini in the role of Josiah Hedges, better known as Edge, who goes on a bloody mission of vengeance when his younger brother is killed by a group of his former Union army comrades, lead by his nemesis, Merritt Harknett (played by Kwanten). Edge is described as fearless, intimidating and “the meanest-looking man in any room he chooses to enter.”Kwanten’s character is the son of a prominent senator who can seem charming until he is revealed for who he actually is — a psychotic sadist who delights in inflicting pain on others. He is pursuing Edge for an undisclosed reason.Set in Kansas right after the civil war, the Western drama from “Iron Man 3” screenwriter Shane Black is based on the book series by author George Gilman. Black will serve as writer, director and exec producer. Fred Dekker will also write and exec produce, along with EPs David Greenblatt and Barry Josephson.


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