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"That, which does not kill you, makes you stronger," :-)


Believe me, I know what you mean.

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However when I get to feeling that way I just take a look round and see folks that have many more problems than I do.


Much of that attitude comes from my Mother who battled cancer for 30 years. She was given six months to live after surgery for breast cancer, survived chemo and lived another 30 years. Late in life when she was fighting her last round of cancer and was sick and getting weaker she refused to get a handicap parking stall sticker that her Doctor suggested as she said there were other people that needed it more.


in the last three years I can very close to dying twice from different medical problems. I didn't find out until after my heart surgery that the blockage in my heart was so severe that the Doctors were concerned I wasn't going to live for the two days until they could get me on the operating table. And I felt fine before the surgery!


Next time you are out in public take a look around you and count your blessings.

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Just thought I will share with you the drama in my life this week.


Good - On Monday I went to my Cardiologist for a two year checkup since my bypass surgery.


Bad - Doctor is concerned about bad legs pains I am having and orders lab tests to check for muscle degeneration.


Good - Doctor says to discontinue one of my meds to see if it causing my leg pains, This means one less pill to take (as I have to take bunch of pills).


Good - I schedule a visit with my family Doctor to get more tests done.


Bad - Go see Family Doc on Friday (yesterday). Lab tests come back normal.


Good - Discuss my severe leg pains. Tell Doc I can hardly walk up and down stairs. Doc is confused as I am taking pain killers for other leg pain already. Doc orders x-rays of my knees


Bad - X-rays show knee joints are rubbing bone on bone.


Good - Doc thinks this is the cause of all my leg pains and inability to walk stairs.


Bad - Doc says I need knee replacement surgery.


Really bad - Not one but both knees are equally bad and need to be replaced.


Good - Tell Doc that I don't want surgery. Doc gives me different meds to help manage the leg pains.


Bad - I don't have enough PTO at my job to take off work twice for the surgeries.


Good - Call H.R. I find out that the extra 70% short term disability insurance I have been buying covers me up to 180 days. The remaining 30% difference is made up by using my PTO which I have enough of.


Bad - Heck since I covered by health and short term disability insurance I call Family Doctor Office back and tell them to schedule me with the bone Doc.


Really Bad - The surgery and recovery scares the heck out of me.


Really, Really Bad - The thought of two operations is freaking me out. Both of my in-laws had knee replacements done and had a rough time, My wife and I stayed with them when they had the surgery and helped them get around for a couple of weeks after the surgery.


Good - At least I know my heart bypass is ok.


Sooo here I sit pecking on the computer with both legs propped up so my knees don't hurt.

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