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Texas Prop 6


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I don't think this is political but if it is please move or delete it. I'm not meaning this to be political in any way, shape, or form. Just thought it was important enough to mention as many of us hunt and fish.


For those of us in Texas, this November 3rd, there is a proposition coming up to vote. Proposition 6 would make our rights to hunt and fish a constitutional right, protecting them from animal rights activists and organizations that would see that all hunting and fishing be banned. This does not change any other laws such as trespassing, poaching, etc. It only serves to protect our right to hunt and fish.





Constitutional changes See also: Article 1, Texas Constitution

The proposed amendment would add a Section 34 to Article 1 of the Texas Constitution.[1] The following text would be added by the proposed measure's approval:

Sec. 34.

(a) The people have the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, including by the use of traditional methods, subject to laws or regulations to conserve and manage wildlife and preserve the future of hunting and fishing.
(B) Hunting and fishing are preferred methods of managing and controlling wildlife.
© This section does not affect any provision of law relating to trespass, property rights, or eminent domain.
(d) This section does not affect the power of the legislature to authorize a municipality to regulate the discharge of a weapon in a populated area in the interest of public safety.[2]

Source, ballotpedia.com http://ballotpedia.org/Texas_Right_to_Hunt,_Fish_and_Harvest_Amendment,_Proposition_6_%282015%29

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Virginia has had a constitutional right to hunt since 2000.

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