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Rancho Roy

Black Powder Rifle Shoot ...Reading Massachusetts

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Got nothing to do tomorrow? Come shoot BP at a practice/fun shoot tomorrow, Oct 24 At the Reading Rifle and Revolver Club in Massachusetts. Single Shot and Lever Action Rifles. Muzzle loaders and Cartridge.

From John Dunn:

We are having our annual black powder shoot at Reading Rifle and Revolver club again on 10/24. Hope you can make it again. Please talk it up with your friends. It's $5 and that includes hot dogs and hambergers for lunch. Later, after lunch, we will go to the 300 yard line for some compitition at gongs. If you have a vintage rifle in the safe that shoots a load of black powder, either muzzle loaded or cartridge, here is a great event for you!

Dig out that Coon-Skin cap or Civil War outfit or dress like a Buffalo Hunter or Cowboy…………..Let’s have some fun!


Email me if you want John's contact info


Black Powder Rifle, Military Small Arms Instructional Meet

Shooting begins at 9am

Outdoor Covered Range

Open to: Everyone!

Historical dress is greatly encouraged!

Fee - $5 (includes a cookout lunch)

Firearms - Original or faithful replicas of historical military black powder muzzleloading or cartridge rifles, smoothbores, handguns

Targets - Paper targets at distances of 25/50/100 & 165 yards

2'x3' metal gong at 175 yards

Purpose - This is not a competition but an instructional meet for people who own and shoot these weapons and for anyone interested in doing so. This will be a chance for all to share information and experience with other black powder enthusiasts, get zeros out to 180 yards and to try out little used black powder closet queens. Among participants we expect are contingents of Victorian Riflemen with Martini Henrys and Sniders, and Civil War Skirmishers with rifle muskets and early black powder cartridge rifles & carbines.

A cookout lunch will be provided at noontime, followed by more shooting on the covered range and at 200-300 yards for those who have confirmed 180 yard zeros and have rifles, sights & loads capable of longer distance.

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If only it was a little closer, I would be there. I have a new to me Winchester 73 in 38-40 that I still haven't test fired yet. Good luck and do us a favor by posting some follow up next week. I look forward to reading about it.

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Will do Redwood!

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