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Springfield Trapdoor Ejector Repair

Chief Rick

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Looking to pick up an original Springfield.


Everthing is tight and good looking but the ejector is broke.


How expensive and/or difficult would it be to replace the ejector?


I have the ability to purchase a different rifle with a working ejector for just $25 more, but the trigger is no where near as nice and the hammer doesn't feel as strong as this one.

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I bought one about 10 years ago with a broken ejector. I can tell you that an H&R, which I beleive to be the same as a Pedersoli, will not work without considerable work. I found an original on Ebay IIRC, it cost me around $35 with shipping and all. I was able to replace it myself, it's not that difficult and required no fitting. Just go slow and work your way through. Sorry I don't remember the exact sequence, but as I say I did it without instructions, it's fairly straightforward.

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