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Old West Shooting Skills Day for the Public?

Foard County News, SASS #77236

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After listening to how popular shooting has become in the US today,I am wondering whether we can get SASS to attempt to promote an annual Old West Shooting Skills Day so that we can attract the public to our sport.


The general concept is that we dress in cowboy attire, teach some basic firearm safety, then take them to the range try some basic marksmanship, then have them shoot a stage or two under our direction.


In order to get as much media attention as we can, we need to make it more of a national event with as many clubs as we can get all offering it on the same day. Clubs could regulate based on their membership and facilities.


Again I view SASS as a great introductory shooting sport. Since the biggest prize you may win is a belt buckle, this tames down the competition (ok, only somewhat). The fact that we use Old West firearms also prevents the media from portray us as a bunch of gun nuts, and the public still has fascination about the cowboy era and our firearms aren't that scary.


There would be a lot of logistics to get this to work, but if we get enough new eyeballs watching us we might expand membership and participation.



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We've done that here in central Florida and it went over very well. I salute Foard's suggestion and encourage any club to give it try. I think you'd be surprised at the good will it generates. It would also help establish that all important positive public image that we so desperately need to maintain if we are to continue with our 2A support mission.


Good suggestion Foard! Salute!!!

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