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Great cowboy weekend

Shorty Jack Hammer

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Had a great weekend. Shot at Stand Off, Smokey Point Desperados annual two day 9 stage match, and got my first clean match. Had a great time, they put on an awesome match so a shout out to MudFlat Mike and crew. Then on the way home today we stopped at the Cabelas in Tulalip and found a spare rifle for $800.00 :D . It's a Uberti 1866 carbine 45 colt. They said it was used, but as far as I can tell it may not ever have been fired or not much anyways. Not a scratch on it, not even the bolt or the loading gate. Also found a set of consecutive serial numbered stainless Ruger NMV's .357, all slicked up with action jobs, two way free spin, bead blasted frames, jeweled hammers. They are smooth. Actually got them for my wife Ginger Belle. Only $629.00 each. The sales guy made a big deal out of whoever had them and did the work on them…can't remember the name but he uses 3 grouped bullet holes as his mark which are on the top of the back straps. Anyone recognize that or who uses it? Anyways I couldn't pass them up for that price. Great weekend, great shooting, better people….and new guns. :lol:

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