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Shooting Style missing from Age Based Categories

Jefro, SASS#69420

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Howdy all, a feller at CAS City was asking about two-handed categories. I was gonna copy and paste my reply from the same question asked last year. Figured I'd give him page number too so I went to the handbook to look it up. The two bullet points that used be under the heading of age based is gone. Looks like they added some new text in red, just wondering if this got deleted by mistake. It used to look like this;



• Any Main Match revolver.
• Revolvers may be shot any style except Gunfighter



All of the other categories still have the same two bullet points. Good Luck :)


• Any Main Match fixed sight model revolver.

• Revolvers may be shot two handed or one handed (duelist style).


Jefro :ph34r: Relax-Enjoy

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I can give a good guess as to why those bullet points were deleted.

The "new/revised" section (in red) immediately above the AGE-BASED heading would not apply if those two items had been left in the regs.

I'll see if we can find a spot to re-insert them in the next edit of the SHB.


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