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I'm looking for a good, stable stand.

I would prefer to NOT spend $300, but will wait and save my money up if needed.

I'm currently using a Pentax PF-80ED straight-bodied scope.

Would ideally like a stand that can be used standing, sitting or prone.

Home-made stands, that don't require the use of a lather or other special equipment to make, are also possible options.

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Any stand that would work from prone to standing would be a serious compromise in design and perform poorly.


What is the application? If weight is not a serious concern your options are greater than something you intend to carry several miles.

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Standing sitting and prone. You sure don't want much do you?


prone is pretty much covered by a short tripod.

Good luck at garage sales.

Standing I don't know of anything other than the ezzpensive stands the hipower shooters use.

BENCH, I bothered a hipower shooter who made standing scope stands to make me

a bench scope stand. I bothered the poor fella for two years.

Finally he made me a great little stand. Then he retired for the last time.

He sold our design to an outfit called Sinclare.

They sell it called the sinclare bench scope stand.

Read the five star reviews and see if that will work?

Now if you get one you just might be able to rig a way to use it on

a tripod or on a board at ground level.

$150 bucks.

And you don't have to beg for two years.



ps don't bother tellin em Chili Ron sent ya. They have no idea.

more ps- it seems Ray-Vin is back in business sorta.

I haven't contacted them in years. Ray is the guy who made that stand.

They might be able to help??

Now Im goin back to watchin indy cars.

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I have used this scope stand by First Strike Products and have been well pleased. Don't have to worry about it getting knocked over like a tri-pod for cameras, which cant seem to hold up like this one. A little pricey, but you will never have to replace it!



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The majority of my use will be non-range use.


But, I am very slowly putting together an F-Class rifle.


My Pentax scope is not light and I do not see me ever carrying it hiking, so there's no weight concern.

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I agree with Mulshoe on the Freeland heavy duty tripod. If you need something heavier (like I use for my 6" spotter) you will need a surveying transit tripod. I STRONGLY recommend a wooden one. For some reason they don't vibrate nearly as much as the metal ones.

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