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Need Rossi '92 parts

Judge Lewis

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My shooting pard, Slate Mike, decided to do a trigger job on his Rossi '92. I was surprised that he tackled it as he has been quite ill and in currently in the hospital. He was able to get the stock off and the first screw to remove the trigger group. But he couldn't get it out so I took it to my friendly gunsmith who got it done. The problem is that I can't find the screws that Mike removed and the gunsmith doesn't have any screws that will fit. I have tried the Rossi site and Midway but no luck. Any ideas?



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Thanks Frosty. I did check Nate's site but didn't find any replacement screws.

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Don't check the sites, call folks and ask actual human folks.

I once lost a screw from a ruger and they shipped me another no charge.

The new one had a little plastic plug that probably stayed better.

Sort of an as needed upgrade.

A drop or two of purple locktite might be a good thing too.

local auto store didn't stock purple but had in a day or two.

It wouldn't cost a whole lot to get a full set of spare screws.

If you have spares you will never need em....



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Contact Mike at M&M Gunsmithing in Alabama. He was the head Gunsmith for Rossi when they were imported by Interarms in Alexander, Va. He is now located at the following address and number. He has a lot of Rossi rifle parts. Good Luck David


M&M Gunsmithing

2423B Carter Grove Rd.

Hazel Green, Al. 35750

phone # 571-276-7676

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