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Don't bin those gel packets, they're handy helpers

John Boy

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In addition,
* put them in the containers with brass cases after cleaning.
* one in each bullet die box
* one each inside the case of my digital scales
* Inside the rifle, shotgun and handgun trunks
* Inside the plastic bag that I store my holsters that hangs in the basement
* one each in every opened jug of powder
* one in the digital caliper box
* Inside my hunting boots & waders when I get home
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Then you'd love the ones I get from work. The manufacturer sticks a couple in each of the Master rolls they ship in. The rolls are metalized and they put them in to prevent oxidation. I've taken a bunch home rather then see them trashed. Some in the gun cases. Some in the safe. Make those little ones you get in pill bottles look tiny.

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