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Fiction in Reality

Aunt Jen

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I'm watching a TV show I wish I'd conceived: iZombie.


Which lead me to wonder:


Society is THOROUGHLY awkward of Zombies, Vampires, Witches, Warewolves, Aliens from Outer Space, Ghosts, Time Travel, Other Dimensions, Starships.....




Sooooo..... Aside from where real physics comes into it...


Some people hold these kinds of things are projections of inner fears and anthropomorphisms, some wonder if our species senses something real-yet-different that we are interpreting as these icons, and others take the Ancient Aliens view that they're interpretations of things our ancestors actually experienced yet misunderstood.


Me? I think they're a mixture of fears, things we've misunderstood, projections, and ALSO things we would LIKE and dream of.


I mean, I could see, for example, a dream of aliens from outer space as an extension of an innate need of the species to be a part of a larger universe---and since we ARE part of the universe, to connect with our larger self....zombies as a fear if an unknown irresistible force that could kill us---evolved into immortality, replacing the vampire as in this TV show---Tge vampire, itself born of grave excavations where the body had longer grown hair and nails, misunderstood, made into fiction....witchcraft into harmony with the universe, the desire to know more, control over our lives...


On and on


But then... What about the concept of something real being perceived, even if misunderstood somewhat??? And of fiction leading reality, such kids who watched Star Trek growing up to become scientists...


Might some of these pervasive things become reality some day? Invented because we have them on our mind?



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The Holy Bible tells that we live in a physical realm within a spiritual realm, that there is a level where good and evil fight for our very souls. It tells of a thid of the angels kicked out of heaven who are now evil beings. It describes, at the end of time as e know it, we will be 100% good (clothed in white and covered by the cleansing of the Lamb), or 100% evil and to spend eternity in a lake of fire.

The book of Ezekiel is more unearthly than any ER Burroughs, Frank Herbert, Star Trek, Zombies or vampires than I have ever read.

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From what I gathered, iZombie is more along the lines of a Voodoo zombie versus The Walking Dead. With shows like The Walking Dead, it's more about survival, with the walkers as a metaphor for an extinction level disaster, and how humans deal with the disaster.

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I know for a fact "Predator" is real. I think it was filmed in my back yard. Sigh, I really need to get the wife a new mower for our anniversary. That way she can get ahead of the jungle growth

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