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How to Clean the Boat

Aunt Jen

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When I had a yamaha jet boat, the interior cleaning was done by using as procedure called a submarine. You'd get the boat up to 40mph, throttle back, and then throw down the reverse bucket and throttle up. Front end goes completely underwater, boat fills with a few feet of water. You then pull up the reverse bucket and fully throttle up. The water goes out the cockpit drain tubes. Google "Yamaha jet boat submarine" to see it in action.


For the exterior of my past and present boats, I use 3m hull cleaner.

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You could always forget your drain plug for interior cleaning...


I'm sure I'm not the only one that has done that. The marina I was launching from that day had about a 1/2 mile "no wake" zone. So I was a half mile from the dock when I throttled up and couldn't get the acceleration right off to get the boat to plane out.


Thought something was wrong with the trim or the engine itself, but then it finally did plane out, and bag of Doritos floated past me up the middle of the boat.


Exciting times.

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