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Korupt Karl is at home in FL,,,Sunday 6:30

Cheyenne Culpepper 32827

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Hey Widder.....Phan Thiet is a village in Vietnam. To all, thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I'm pretty much back to my ole self....got released to drive a week ago and the Nuerologist released me on Wednesday.


Headed back north, will be at Paradise Pass on the first Saturday to see exactly how good my vision has restored. Kay just finished her regiment of chemo down here and will continue it in Indiana in two weeks. She is still losing weight, but holding her own. She sleeps a lot but is in good spirits. We've got good friends both up north and down here. We are blessed.


Thanks everyone.....KK

Any neurologist who would "release" you musta got his diploma from a crackerjacks box :P However you fooled 'em, it'll be good ta have ya back close by. Prayers for both of you and safe travels.



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