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50 Shades of SASS

Aunt Jen

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Hi all.


I have not read the book, nor have I seen the movie as it comes out tomorrow. But I seem to hear it referenced by people. Seems it's fairly sassy, :) so this here's "50 Shades of SASS."




1. Connection to Heritage

2. Get to know some great folks

3. Enjoy costuming

4. Work with some great hardware

5. Feel closer to people who helped found and establish this Great Country

6. A good chance to use sun screen

7. Great opportunity to avoid eating everything that looks DELICIOUS

8. Offers great places to spend money

9. Strength Training, pushing the cart around over dirt ruts

10. Practice planning ahead, getting everything ready for matches.

11. Gets me out of the house and OUT OF TOWN, back to the country/outdoors

12. Exercise the old brain, get a few cobwebs out, learning each stage, keeping up with rules...

13. Practice working together, TEAM WORK

14. Practice diplomatic skills at the unloading table

15. Gives us something to do forever, like running around town or internet for supplies, gear, etc.

16. An excuse to buy a pickup, for those inclined

17. Learn to chew tobacco

18. Enjoy someone else smoking a cigar (because it smells nice), though I fear it could be unhealthy for them. Hope not.

19. Being part of an international, family-oriented shooting sport

20. Can bring the dog, to some matches :) I used to, sometimes.

21. Remember who Brad Paisley is. (Love "American Saturday Night," etc.)



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23. Pretty Women Cowgirls/guests/spectators can't wait to talk to you after shooting Outlaw on Stage 3 after talking to AR on Stage 1 and clearing their lungs on stage 2!!!! :lol:



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23. Getting to shoot OUTLAW with a PRETTY WOMAN OUTLAW SHOOTER!!!!!!


That's what my New Year's resolution is.


Seems like you got that one nailed, Judge. ;)






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Exercising your 2nd Admendment rights.

Learning to protect yourself

Passing on family traditions

Meeting like mind folks


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Good Food to Share with good Folks


Another chance to Help some one learn a skill.


A chance to get a Nephew or Niece out of the I- World and into the real World.


Share a good cup of Java made from Beans from my last trip to Uganda.


An excuse to make more Snack Sausage.


A place to tip my hat to a Lady



Jabez Cowboy

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