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I was wondering if any Pards had the chance to visit Sam Walkers Grave while they were in San Antonio? as most know Sam Walker was the Texas Ranger who helped Sam Colt bring out the big what we now know as the Walker Colt. His grave in not far from the downtown section of San Antonio.Also of interest up I-H 10 west of San Antonio is a small town of Center Point, Texas where the old Texas Ranger Cementary is that has the graves of I think 35 or so of the early Rangers.


Many years ago as a young man I hunted on a friend of mines unkle ranch over in Llano, Country and one hot afternoon my friend and I were sitting under a misquite tree when we noticed a pile of rocks with a larger rock at one end. We had never noticed the rocks before and taking a closer look We were surprised to find scratings on the larger rock and futher looking we found the following scratched into the rock.


William Slaughter and wife June killed by Indians June 1 1847.


As far as we knew no one had ever seen the graves before. One of the more interesting stories I heard was told at a gunshow by a man who sold metal detectors and early Texas history books.

He sais He was at a gunshow in West Texas many years ago when a older Texan started to ask him questions about metal detectors. He said the Old man ask if he would be there the next day and if he was he wanted to show him something. The next day the Old man returned and reached in his pocket and handed him a $10.00 Gold coin and on one side of the coin it looked like the dat it came out of the press all sharp and clear but on the other side it was worn almost smooth. Asking the coins history the old man told him he had years before found the coin laying on top of the ground on the family ranch in West Texas, The old man recalled years ago when he was a young man his grandfather had told him of two cowboys that worked on the ranch had been killed by Indians while rounding up cattle and the two bodies were buried in a fast make shift caskets by the Army where they were found.

Two men decided to go the following weekend out to the spot where the coin was found and see if the metal dectectors would find anything. After some time they were about to give up when the detector ring out. Scraping the dirt away they found a 44 Henry rimfire case, Futher dectcting recoved more fired 44 cases and they started to show a pattern that was heading to wards some large rocks about 100 yards away and at the large rocks where one could seek protection around the base of the rocks they recovered a number of fired 44 shells. They soon realized they had followed the path of where the two cowboys had engaged the Indians the faithful day and that they had tried to seek cover behind the big rocks, Working out from the rocks the detector rang again a somewhat different ring and digging down a few inches they started to find square rusty nails and then a brass belt buckel and they realized they were digging up the graves of the two cowboys. There decided to stop at once and let thje dead lay in peace.


Now back to the gold coin, The coin had been found on the ground near the fight and my friend figgered out with the west Texas wind had blown over the upper side of the gold coin for years and years slowly grinding off one side. I had the chance to hold and look at the old coin and it give me a strange feeling thinking about the man who had fought for his life that long ago day


Your Pard, Texas Man

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Should have read SAM WALKERS GRAVE

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