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Blackhawk Hammers put into N ruger Vaqueros

Aunt Jen

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I got mine from Midway USA. Decided to do it after trying Augustus Goodnights pistols.


Love them. The wife had them installed on her pistols after trying mine.


S. Floyd

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You must mean Super Blackhawk hammers, right?



Yeah Yeah Super Blackhawk Hammers

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Can you even buy the super blackhawk hammers anymore? I checked everywhere and the are sold out with no back orders.

Anybody know where I can get 2? I checked the websites on this thread and did a search but it comes with "there is no product that matches this search".

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Aunt Jen,

Congrats on thinking it through and just doit. Great work.


I am enjoying my SASS Vaqueros with the Montado hammers, just about the same thing as you have now. The checkering on them was too aggressive to mee, so I stoned them a mite and now they're just fine.


Ya done good!


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