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Borrowed from a Facebook Friend, Things To Think About

Subdeacon Joe

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Borrowed from one Pawel Kasperek of Poland, and shared with you.

"As I glanced over news today, three interlocked newspieces tore into my mind.

1. Otto Carius, one of Germany's most distinguished tank aces died, aged 92. It is a difficult mixture of awe and terror to remember professional efficiency of Germany's WW2 military that took on pretty much the whole world with medium-sized nation, and came close to succeeding on at least UK and Russian fronts. But it's hard to forget that evey day Carius in his Tiger stalled oncomig Red Army...

2.Auschwitz and other factories of death were spewing thick oily smoke into European skies. Anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz makes us ponder the horrors of Holocaust, as well as myriad of other Nazi crimes - for alongside Jews in that microcosm of victims Polish intelligents, German priests, Gypsies from all Europe, Soviet POW's, homosexuals and Jehovah witnesses perished alike. The one who didn't get to attend the anniversary was...

3.Vladimir Putin - heir to organisation directly repsonsible for similar death camps operating thru exhaustion and malnourishment rather than gas chambers. So many forget that 1945 for half Europe was liberation only in communist proaganda, in reality it was just change of jailers in prison, combined with change of sentence from death penalty to lifetime in prison. And today his tanks and artillery are rolling again as did Hitlers and Stalins conquering armies, raining death on cities in Ukraine. I am mortally afraid my own country will be next after Ukraine falls. Will my city end up being bombarded like Mariupol today? Will the rest of the world be passive then as it is now?"

As stated elsewhere, my maternal family line is Dutch/German/Czech ancestry, and what I see in current events is a dreadful remake of something we've prayed would not be unleashed again. Alas...


More on Otto Carius


and THIS

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