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Many will not know it is a bb gun. If it were a real firearm that some foolish copycat grabs, we have a kid with multiple felony charges and, depending upon the state, charges for the parent as well. Such as:

- Stealing a firearm

- Unlawful possession

- Carrying concealed w/o permit
- Possessing a firearm on school property without proper authorization

- Brandishing

and if the DA wants to be an azz hat

- Terrorizing government employee(s)


This was a completely irresponsible video and serves to show jut how utterly foolish the left wing agenda really is.

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24,879 DISLIKES as of this AM.


She made the first posting private, then she reposted and deleted the option for comments.


You can still sign in to YouTube and dislike the video.....


Unbeleivable that she actually thought people would like the video and post positive comments....



:ph34r: :ph34r:

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I'm not really against implanting a chip in every persons brain that, if you actually think of and then actually implement an idea like this, a small explosive would detonate and your head would explode. It would be generally very safe for even the very stupid, and affect only those as stupid as the person who thought of and created this, as this is about the stupidest thing I have ever seen or heard of

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