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New Hampshire: 2015 proposed NH gun legislation


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Here you go folks. As your NH TEAM SASS second amendment laison I'm informing you of what we will be up against. This is proposed gun legislation for the new 2015 NH Legislative session. Get involved or lose your rights.
New Hampshire Legislative Service Requests (LSR's)
LSR's Found: 5 2015-H-0526-R title: requiring background checks for all commercially advertised firearm sales. Sponsors: (Prime)Katherine Rogers 2015-H-0574-R title: relative to carrying a concealed firearm without a license. Sponsors: (Prime)David Bickford 2015-H-0689-R title: prohibiting confiscation of firearms, ammunition, and firearms accessories during a state of emergency. Sponsors: (Prime)Shari LeBreche 2015-H-0798-R title: relative to a license to carry a concealed firearm. Sponsors: (Prime)Guy Comtois 2015-H-0863-R title: prohibiting a state agency or a state actor from enforcing any federal or state law regarding a firearm,firearm accessory, or ammunition. Sponsors: (Prime)J.R. Hoell
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