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Mixing things up for an All Shotgun Match

H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

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From time to time, I have seen pards make reference to an "All Shotgun Match."


The idea is intriguing to me, as I have never been to one. That being said, I do recall once at a match were 1 stage out of 10 was "all shotgun" with 15 knockdown targets. It was fun on its own, but part of me thinks that a whole match of such stages would get dull, even if the targets were scattered around on the stage requiring a lot of movement. Others may disagree, this is just a "hunch" on how I would react to such a match were I to try one.


So, I got to thinking, how can a "All Shotgun Match" be made more interesting, and have more variation?


Well, first I thought that there are basically 4 types of shotguns used in our game.


1. SxS

2. Single Shot

3. 1887

4. 1897


Hmmm.. Four different types of shotguns. Maybe the "All Shotgun Match" could be a multi gun event afterall. But then I realized that most of us probably don't own all 4 types of shotguns. But, a good number of us may own two of the types. Maybe that's the solution, make it a 2 gun event.


Gun 1 would be either a SxS or a Single Shot and Gun 2 would be either an 87 or a 97. Now, if somebody doesn't own both types of guns, they could perhaps team up with someone who has the other and share.


Structure it so the repeaters are loaded like a rifle, and the SxS/Single Barrels are used in the normal manner, giving shooters "the best of both worlds."



Either that, or find a bunch of BATF cleared old Winchesters/Marlins and Colts with smooth barrels and make everyone share those.



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The range where we shoot cowboy at has a tactical shotgun match on the monthes with a 5th Sunday. I have shot it a few times. Each stage has about 15 to 20 targets all reactive. Usaully there are about 3 stages of a "jungle run". Engaging targets as you come up on them through the woods. It's a lot of fun!


I have shot it with my 87 shotgun and had a blast. Also shot one stage using BP!! B) Got a lot of COOL bonus points from the tactical gru rues. Each match has 5 stages to it. So you end up shooting about 100-125 rounds of shotgun by the end of the day. :D



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