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Favorite 12 gauge Fiber Wad Smokeless Shot Shell Recipes?

Come On Christmas

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I am bird doggin' some smokeless loads for my new to me 100 year old rabbit ear Stevens double. I wanna keep the pressure down on "Harry" which is cut with a knife in the fore end. Harry was my maternal Grand Father's name. He was a rail engineer and my Pa's Pappy was a Texas Ranger. The original Shameless Womanizer. There I said it.


I want to load up some smokeless loads for a closeby skeet range so I won't raise eyebrows. I do enough of this in our sport without widening my sphere of influence.


I am familiar with differing lengths. I have all the nitro wads, fiber wads, old school and modern drill roll crimpers. STAR CRIMPS ARE OKAY TOO. I normally use a combo of 8 and 9 shot recycled shot and CCI primers for my black powder loads.


Duh, Hulls - I have a mess of Federal Paper Hulls, AA Winchesters (Red, Green, Grey), Pink Federal (save the Ta Ta's), and High Brass Remingtons.


I currently have Unique, Trail Boss, Universal, and Clays in the cupboard.


I use a Lee Loader II, and set of Lee powder Dippers as well or I can weigh.


PLEASE PM YORE SMOKELESS RECIPES so I won't get flamed again by "She who must NOT be named."


If ya want a copy of what is sent to me, PM me.



also known as PASSING WIND and a myriad of other aliases

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Guest Max Morgan, SASS 41265

hey pard,


refer to the various smokeless powder manufacturers handbooks on loading data; you will find them online.



max morgan

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Looking for recipes folks have actually shot Maximilian, my brother.


Wait they tied him to a post and shot him.


Max, the snowbird and I are buds.

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Went to the Hodgon and Alliant online load centers and the recipes use plastic wads unless they using some coding I am unfamiliar with.

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i looked on ____________ site and there are some fiber wad recipes. I can also email em tomorrow.


I would mention the name of the site, but then a moderator might go BALLISTIC.

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Order the Advantages shotshell manual from Ballistics Products and get it over with.


You don't find many folks still using fiber wads for smokeless powder for a couple of really good reasons -

* they cost more to load

* they don't pattern as consistently well and require a lot of tinkering that folks don't often have enough time for anymore

* components are harder to find and sometimes even require hand work to slice wads down to exactly the right thickness.


Good luck with your quest, kinda sounds like you are looking for the "holey grid" - if you just will pattern your resulting loads on cross hatched pattern paper. :lol:


Good luck, GJ

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Your prolly right I will wait till Sunday and shoot black with fiber wads through it. One can tweek with amounts of black and get a decent pattern.


I have actually used halos to duke two knock downs at once. Shoot left or right of center. It works.


Thanx for the sage advice.


I may be able to use plastic hulls once I gain some confidence in my new to me 100 year old boom schtick.


Crayfish, the excitable 60 yr old middle schooler

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