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Widowmaker Hill 97 video

crooked jake,4371

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Widomaker had a video up probly more than a few years back of him running a 97


If anyone has a link to that could you send it to me .


Dont need to put it here .


And if ya dont want to send I understand that too :D


a pm would work .............thanks in advance


Tried a pm to him but wasnt allowed so thought I would ask here


If ya don't ask the question ......you will never get and answer ;)

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Not necessarily a borg, just someone who has spent considerable time perfecting shooting the 97. He used to shoot at two stumps, but now they are just holes in the ground. When you look at Sante Fe River Stan, Two gun tuco and many others that have become proficient with the pump, it is skill honed through practice and repetition of motion.


Widder is the man.



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At least he doesn't have an accent.


I brought a 97 last spring and just got the chamber and forcing cone cut. I've only shot it a few times. I'm not even up to all thumbs level yet. More like all toes. I'll get it out this winter and practice with dummy rounds. Maybe by spring I'll be up to a speed that I won't embarrass myself.

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