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Synopsis of FINAL EDITS to the SHB & RO1

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IF a shooter is catching the lever on some part of the prop as it is being discarded in such a manner that the action ends up CLOSING, perhaps the shooter should be a bit more aware of how the long gun is going down.


REF: Range Operations Summary - #5 (quoted in the OP)

Exactly! I have seen many times where the shooter dropped the long gun to the table and had to return to open it


In 9 years. Think it has happened to me 3 times.

So not all that big a problem.



I did not really care if the rule got changed in the first place.

Would it have been nice. Yes.


My problem is the WB putting it on the agenda for us to vote.

It gets voted in.

Put into place.

Then taken away.


There lays my problem with the whole thing. Why did we vote on it if they was never

going to let it happen.

For me it's been 7 years and I can't remember once. Like Al it bothers me how it took place. Probably not as much as it bothers him, but it bothers me. And I will cope...mine is not to wonder why, mine is to do or die.

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Ya know, kind of like, uh, like I think the only real issue on this whole thing is a SXS being staged vertical for the SXS shooters, cuz, a 97 shooter doesn't care about staging a SXS vertical. Yep, that sentence structure was poor, redundent, and confusing.........remind any of you of the last few days?


However, it is crystal clear NOW! Make sure your long is open and clear, or you are gonna get dinged!!!



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It seems that folks are making this harder than it needs to be.


If a long gun, shotgun or rifle, closes in the process of restaging it after the shooting string it does not need to be reopened before finishing the stage.

Here's your first MSV.

After the last round of the stage is fired the closed long gun is inspected by the shooter and TO. If empty it is a no call, if it is not empty then a safety violation is awarded.

Don't forget your first MSV



You couldn't be more wrong.



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I'm kinda new here, but what's happening the first weekend of january in texas?

Hi Gambler,


The SASS Convention and Territorial Governor Summit will be held at the historic Hotel Menger. I love attending the Conventions, seeing friends from all over the world, attending seminars and parties.


There are many wonderful vendors too. This year, I hope to visit the Alamo, which is across the street from the hotel.




Allie Mo

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Curly plenty of shooters with highly modified long guns go for long periods without accidentally closing one. Both my '73. and my SKB are 'race' guns, and I can't remember the last time I had an issue with one closing.


From my perspective the real issue (as others have pointed out) isn't the final rule, it's how it was done.


The nature of SASS and the positions of TG's clubs and members has been clarified.


Clarity is a good thing, whether you like what you see or not.

My long guns are the same as Capt. Bill Burt's...however I had my 73 close on me when I "discarded it open and empty" at the monthly match just last Saturday....and Capt. Bill Burt was the TO....and he brought it to my attention before I managed to shoot my shotgun and I opened the rifle lever and then finished the stage shooting my shotgun. Capt. Bill Burt, (on that day :D) was a conscientious TO...did his job....saved my bacon and me from getting a MSV. How did the rifle lever close...I don't know....but it was empty.


As best I can recall it's been about 2 years since this last happened to me. Don't say it won't EVER happen to you. I try and be careful about making sure the action on my long guns is open....sometimes it just happens. Great timing huh.



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