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Bookworm's IL State Sale Results

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The folks at the 2014 Illinois State shoot have conclusively proven once again that Cowboy Action shooters are the finest people in the world! To say that the sale of Bookworm Sandy's clothing collection went very well indeed would be an understatement. At the banquet Saturday night I requested 2 minutes at the microphone to thank everyone and announce the results. It was not easy to hold back the tears when I asked everyone to give themselves a great big hand, because they had raised the unbelievable sum of $2,000 for St. Jude!...


not three minutes after I had finished, a shooter whom I did not know walked up to me, shook my hand, said St. Jude was the best charity around, and pressed a folded check into my hand. He did not give his alias, but chose to remain anonymous. That check is for $1,000!



$3,000 to St. Jude from one small group of people who care about "The Kids"... Sandy would have been humbled, as am I!


Thank you again, everyone!


Count Sandor

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Just another Thanks to you also. The dress we bought, looks Great on Lady Cheyenne! We also like giving to St. Jude, it's one of the charitys that we trust!

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