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Eastern Michigan looking for some powder

Brazos Bill Dupree

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I have been on a lot of website and around locally. I am looking for some powder, Titegroup, Clays, ClayDot, Hp38. Is anyone located some that is currently in stock?


Brazos Bill

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Point 1 - no use looking for Clays right now, as the Australian plant had a fire. Rumor right now is end of this year perhaps before production resumes.


Point 2 - some of the small local gun shops now are getting good shipments of some powders. But, the shotgun type powders we normally use are the scarcest. You won't find most of the big on-line sellers with any stock for more than an hour after a truck pulls up at the dock. But the little local guys who are trying hard to get supplies for their customers can come through sometimes. Keep checking.


Point 3 - try gunbot early every morning. You might get a surprise. Keep your eyes peeled for Red Dot, Promo, Unique and Bullseye. Those old Alliant powders seem to be popping up more often than the newer ball powders like Titegroup, Trail Boss, HP38 (AKA Win 231).


For example, gunbot


shows Cabelas on-line had Win 231 yesterday afternoon. But it's all sold at this point.



Good luck, GJ

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