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Can you buy ice at Founders Ranch?

Ruby Redsmoke

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Hi Folks,


Several matches that I attend have ice for purchase on site. Maybe, contact Misty and request it.


I always run out of ice for my beer chest at annuals. Luckily, folks have brought me some when it wasn't on site.


Although I'm not attending this year, I've wondered if there is a porta-dump truck for your waste and one for fresh water. My trailer is inadequate for an event the length of WR or EOT. This and the distance to the match (using those on-board facilities) is a big consideration for me.


Any information?





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There is a copmpany that provides RV cleanoout and fresh water at EOT every year. You get your sticker at the SASS Office on site and put it out. They come by and do the service. Sometimes the SASS office has some ice, sometimes they don't. They don't have one of those big ice selling freezers.

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Hi guys!


Yes, we have ice onsite (always have)... and you can purchase it through the Waddie Shack!


Also- to clarify camping services:


We do offer both Water & Pumping service at END of TRAIL. All you have to do is schedule it one day in advance through the SASS Admin office onsite at EOT. (Located in the Copper Queen). Each service costs $25.


Hope this helps.



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I don't know of anyone selling ice. Last year, we bought ice at a gas station in Edgewood.

The Smiths grocery and the Wal*Mart Super Center in Edgewood both sell block and ice cubes. If you drive to Edgewood for other supplies or a meal this too is an option. Kudos for Misty keeping ice at the ranch for those who stay on range. BTW, there is an RV sanitary dump in Moriarty for those who wish to drive there. There is also a shower in a truck stop in Moriarty. There are ample options for those who camp at the ranch.

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