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I say "No problem" a lot, but after reading this thread, I might try to change that habit. Normally I use it because I don't feel that any thanks are necessary, but there are situations where the thanks are appropriate and I use it anyway. I shall try to be more conscious of its us in the future.


Some phrases that bother me.


"Hold down the fort." What? Is the fort going to float away if nobody holds it down?

"Literally" When people literally use it wrong.

"Sea change"

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The one that use ta get to me (not so much anymore) was.....


"Ya know what I mean....."


Well... You may have guessed...my name is "Vern"


Vern / Foothills Drifter... ;)

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Hell, I just turned 70 and the Charleston and Jitterbug are way before my time.

Try the Twist, the Boogaloo, the Jerk, the Swim and the Pony.


Carlos "Magic Feet" Murphy

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