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Daggers & Derringers 2014 - Contest Details and Prizes

Texas Jack Daniels

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Saloon Girl and Parlor House Madam

Ticket Selling Rules


When you get to EoT you can pick up a packet of 100 tickets to sell at the registration office.


You are responsible for making sure your name and the name of the person buying the ticket is on the ticket.


You can turn in the tickets, cash and get more tickets to sell all the way to the closing ceremony at EoT.


The person selling the most tickets wins a Bond Derringer.



Saloon Girl and Parlor House Madam

Contest Rules


Soiled Doves and Parlor House Madams compete individually. No teams.


Each Dove/Madam has a MAXIMUM of 2 minutes to “talk to the judges”.

The talk can explain costume, your fictional history, actual history, profession, flirt, or just interact.

Anything not pornographic is OK.

If you need help, the MC will help you by asking questions. J


Each judge will score the Dove/Madam from 1 to 10 with 10 as the highest score.

You are judged on a combination of your costume and presentation.

There is only a single score per judge per contestant.

Each score is solely at the discretion of the judge.

Each person is judged separately.

Just like Olympics it is possible for people to get identical scores.


There are 5 judges.

The tally judge’s tally sheet has only your entry number.

The tally sheet does not have the judge’s name on it.

The tally judge does not know which number goes to which contestant while scoring the event.

The assistant tally judge reads only your entry number and your score to the tally judge.

As part of the scoring process the lowest score is thrown out.

The 4 remaining scores are totaled and the highest score comes in first, then second, etc.


If there is a tie the tally judge will inform the head judge. The head judge will poll the judges and the judges will break the tie. The head judge will inform the tally judge of the result.


Sign up is during registration/package pickup at EOT or any time prior to the event.



Saloon Girl and Parlor House Madam



We will have more awards at the Saloon Girl and Parlor House Madam contest this year going all the way to 5th place.


1st Place – Bond Derringer

2nd Place –Custom Redwing Damascus Dagger

3rd Place – Custom Redwing Damascus Dagger

4th Place – Custom Redwing Steel Dagger

5th Place – Custom Redwing Steel Dagger


Note: All daggers come with a Custom Johnny Morris Leather sheath.


The girl selling the most tickets will win a Bond Derringer

The girl selling the winning ticket for each of the prizes will win a Redwing Dagger



If you have any questions about anything above please:

  • Post them here
  • Contact me via email txtjd@sbcglobal.net
  • Call me 281-460-6383.
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