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Some people jump in with both feet, some look before they leap. I tend to be one of the latter type - or try to be, sometimes I let my enthusiasm get me into impulsive decisions. Seems like the responses here reflect these two approaches - your jump in and buy guns - and others saying don't buy anything till after going to a couple shoots.


Speaking of my having lots of questions, I do have another one for you guys and gals!


It's in regard to calibers and cartridges. Most people appear to prefer .38 special for cowboy action shooting in both revolver and rifle, citing the lower recoil to shoot faster times, as well as the lower cost of ammunition or reloading. I do reload for anything I shoot, by the way. Others go .44 special, .45 colt, .44-40, etc. My first impulse is to like .45 colt - more for nostalgia than practical reasons, which may not be wise.


I note that many folk shoot guns that are actually chambered .357 with .38 special loads, and for .44 special, guns chambered in .44 magnum. My question is what people advise as being better - using .38 special brass in .357's, and .44 special brass in .44 magnums, or using light .38 special or .44 special equivalent hand loads in magnum brass. The issues seem to be carbon ring build up when using non-magnum brass, and possibly some chamber scarring for the rifles, as well as feeding reliability with shorter brass in magnum chambered rifles.


And what powders might be best for small charges in magnum brass. I know Trail Boss might be useful, but it seems like it is pretty hard to find around here.


Thanks in advance for the help.

My point was that everyone I know that plays this game had the same questions as you did but they just came out and shot! You're not winning a Cadillac or money and you're not going to win anything you're first time out so just have fun with it. I was so smitten with the idea of "playing cowboy" that I could hardly wait to shoot no matter how bad I did. Buying, selling and trading and trying different guns over the years has been a big part of this game for me. Too much fun!

:) Rye


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I don't expect to win anything the first time out, or for that matter at any point in all likelihood. I'm not really interested in getting to be a top gamer, just in shooting for recreation, and doing the best I can at it. I know how to follow safety rules, but this will be new rules to me, so getting that down will be the first priority. I don't mind not being a blazing scorer, but I don't ever want to be "That Guy", who makes folks cringe when he shows up, lol.


I'm hoping to be able to go this month, it will just be a matter of whether I'm able. If not, I sure should be healed enough by the April local shoot. This past year has taught me new lessons in the need to be patient. What the heck, I may go in March just to watch.

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Hi Celt,


I like you! You have a good attitude. :)


I'm not a very good shooter; but, I love shooting, dressing up, and hanging out with my SASS family! Sometimes, I even have a match that pleases me. Like the Wild Bunch where I only missed three targets and wasn't last on half the stages... :o


As Clint would say "a man's (or woman's) got to know his (or her) limitations." ;)


Happy Trails!



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Dear Allie:


Aww.. thanks for the kind words. Congratulations on your Wild Bunch shooting, sounds like you did really well. I had noticed the quotes at the bottom of your posts. Heinlein, Dickens, Twain, and Franklin - an excellent group for a good read. Seems to be a thread running through the quotes, a feline fancier for sure :) . A well read woman who shoots - that's a winning combination.

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I have been a member since 1989 ish, my number is 36,337. Last I saw- about two weeks ago, a new members number came in at 100,029 I believe.

At any matches I have attended, when new pards are showing up to- see whats it all about- many of the CAS people shooting wander over and say HI!

And within minutes- some one always says- well instead of watching any more- I'll give you the six shooters,rifle and shot gun- as well as the ammo, and you can shoot fer free! :D That's a lot of what you see happen in CAS.


As as far as not using the guns in another sport- well I have seen and done it myself- shoot steel challenge, with the six shooters- now that's and accuary sport.


Please stop by a local match- I bet you someone will offer their arms up to you, and say- Now there is no reason to shoot!



Maxed Out



Whats not possible- my # or the GUESS ON THE YEAR?



If indeed you joined in 89 then your number would be MUCH lower. If your number is indeed in the thirty thousands then you could not have joined back in 89. I'm guessing you must have meant 99 and fat fingered it.

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Don't automatically think that your SASS guns have no use beyond SASS.


Any SASS legal shotgun could be used for hunting if you had a mind to, and if it happens to be an older gun that predates the invention of the game, it probably was used for that at one time or another with positive results.


SASS Legal shotguns could also be used for trap/skeet/sporting clays, depending on their configuration. I once saw a guy shoot a round of trap with a vinatage Winchester 87, and he hit all 25 targets. Using black powder!


I also have shot a round of trap or two with my 97, and was just as mediocre with it as I was with my Remington 870.


The Winchester '73 in .44-40 has put quite a bit of deer meet on American tables over the decades since it was first offered. I even remember an article in Guns and Ammo about a old timer dropping a deer with 2 quick shots before his accompanying hunters with modern bolt actions even shouldered their rifles. I'd be willing to bet that even the .32-20 has done the same.


And when it comes to a carry pistol, someone once said something like, "Carry the biggest pistol you can, even if it's a Single Action.


So... Think about it. :)

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