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1914 English Rugby Team

Subdeacon Joe

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Pictured: The England rugby team pose for a last

photograph just months before being called up to fight in the First

World War where seven of them would perish


At first sight, the photograph is unremarkable - a grainy black and white image of 15 young men in a rugby team.

They are a team of some note: it is the England rugby squad, posing as they

prepare for what was to be a 16-15 victory over Scotland.

But what makes the photograph stand out is the date, and the fate of those

young men. They played for their country in 1914, and within just a few

short months many of them would be called up to fight - and die - for

their country in the Great War.

Now, 100 years after the war began, a unique sporting project celebrating

the lives and deaths of these men, along with every Rugby Union player

killed during the First World War, will be published.

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