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Phood Photos Phrom the Past

Subdeacon Joe

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What were they thinking? How did they eat this bilge?

Good questions, but you won't
find them answered here. This is a simple introduction to poorly
photographed foodstuffs and horrid recipes. It's a wonder anyone in the
40s, 50s and 60s gained any weight; it's a miracle that people didn't
put down their issue of Life magazine with a slight queasy list to their
gut, and decide to sup on a nice bowl of shredded wheat and nothing
else. It wasn't that the food was inedible; it was merely dull.
Everything was geared for a timid palate fearful of spice. It wasn't
non- nutritious - no, between the limp boiled vegetables, fat-choked
meat cylinders and pink-whipped-jello dessert, you were bound to find a
few calories that would drag you into the next day. It's that the
pictures are so hideously unappealing.

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