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Andy Granatelli Dies @ Age 90

Subdeacon Joe

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From the Associated Press
December 29, 2013, 4:12 p.m.

MONTECITO, Calif. — Andy
Granatelli, the former CEO of STP motor oil company who made a mark on
motorsports as a car owner, innovator and entrepreneur, has died. He was

Granatelli's son, Vince, said his father died Sunday of congestive heart failure at a Santa Barbara hospital.


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So far ahead of his time!! Years before the turbine cars he was known for his advanced ideas and technical wizardry!


Late in an Indy race his car came into the pits extremely low on oil. The rules didn't allow the addition of engine oil. Granitelli removed the radiator cap, palmed the oil fill cap and poured water into the crankcase. The hot oil mixed with the water, the oil pressure rose, Andy replaced the caps and the car finished the race!!


Like many of the magicians in racing, his greatest leaps in engineering were legislated into obscurity by those who couldn't accept newer, faster, better ideas.

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I will miss him. When STP hit the streets we started selling it in my dads parts store, couldn't keep the stuff in stock. One of the sales aids we had, was a small Kerr canning jar filled about half way with STP, when someone would ask about it, we would dip the tip of a screwdriver in the stuff, then hand the driver to them with the tip up and tell them to "try and hold on to it with two fingers". Well they were never able to do that, and then we would say, "imagine how well that will coat the moving parts in your engine". Many years we were invited to Indy on race day. I never missed a race until I left for the Navy. Rest in peace Mr. Granatelli.

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Old clunkers and STP. Breath a little extended life into them. I worked at a gas station. We sold a lot of STP. The issue was the stuff's so thick it comes out slowly. So we'd put the stuff in and there was always a little left. I'd sit the empty on top of another STP can and let it drain. By the end of the week I had a can for my old clunker. The myth was the stuff is so thick it settles in the bottom of the oil pan and never gets picked up.


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