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How do you attach the 44 or 45 strip to the gun belt?

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I'll take the roller handle and the 44-45 attach-to-your-belt strip


I can do Paypal or send you a check.




Dillon roller handle with plastic roller. Dillon gets $40.95 plus shipping. My price is $35.00 shipped.
New 44 or 45 caliber strip to be attached to your pistol belt or shotgun belt. $12.00 shipped
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Brass bag & strip to Rootin Tootin, Roller handle & lace on 44-45 sold to Prairie Dawg.


Dawg I need your address, should have it but I didn't save it. Please send it to me in a PM. I will PM you my address.


Rootin, you just want me to bring it to the annual meeting in January? PM me what you need me to do.


Thank you both very much!

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There are holes in the each corner of the strip. You could us leather or such & lace it on or maybe punch hole into belt & use Chicago screws.


Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner and that PD spoke quickly. That guy is hard to beat on the classifieds.

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