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These are my minutes of the State Match Directors Meeting held at the SASS Convention in Branson, Missouri this past week.

Of particular importance is the change in deadline for submitting your application for your state match. (available from SASS on January 1, 2014)

SASS State Match Directors Meeting

12-06-13 Branson, Missouri
2:15 PM

State MDs introduced themselves.

Slipnoose, SASS Club Administrator introduced herself and offered help whenever needed. SASS promotional items are available for free, from SASS. Contact Slipnoose for ordering.

The deadline for submitting an application for the 2014 State Match was August in 2013. This gives some states, that shoot in January, little time to plan ahead, should another club apply to have the state shoot. It also delays work on the match and forces all planning into a short window.

There will be a date change in the process for submitting an application for the 2015 state matches. All clubs that want the state shoot in 2015, can get the application on January 1st, 2014, on line, or you can call the SASS office. The completed application for 2015 must be in SASS hands by April 1st, 2014.

What this means is, if a club wants to hold the state match in 2015, they must submit an application before April 1st of 2014. Should more than one club submit an application, the clubs will be notified and the TGs in that state will decide which club would get the match. This new time frame will be used from year to year.

In the state contract, SASS will include a form to be used when returning the $5 fee per paid shooter. There is no fee for free shooters.

The $5 in not required for Black Powder or Wild Bunch State matches.

Scoring can now be done in Total Time, Rank Point or Stage Point Scoring.

State Prize packages include gift certificates which can be ordered in any denomination, in advance of the match date. As always, the prize package and belt buckles are not sent until the initial shooters list is sent to SASS (Slipnoose) for SASS membership verification. If a registered shooters SASS membership is expired, the match must contact the shooter and request they contact SASS to make their membership current. Certificates can be used toward the SASS Patriot badge.

Tex requested that MDs assign a photographer to take action pictures, and a person to write the article long before the match takes place. Include captions with all of the pictures.

Slipnoose requested that you give her the dates for your match in 2014 so the web site and Chronicle can be updated.

The question about local gun laws was brought up, was it an issue in certain states to the point that it effects your matches. It was suggested to get the Travelers Guide to Traveling with Firearms from the Blue Press.

3:00 PM


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Roo - Thanks for the report.


I am not a MD for any state match, but I am trying to help in my small way to put on the CO state match this year, and it's interesting to hear what goes on at the national meeting.

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Grizzly Dave,


If you or the organizers have any questions, contact Slipnoose (SASS Club Administrator). She his eager to help.



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