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Anyone Lose a Ship?

Subdeacon Joe

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152-Year-Old Shipwreck Discovered in Great Lakes


Shipwreck hunters in Lake Huron claim to have found the Keystone State, lost for 152 years after it sank in a powerful storm.



A 72-year-old veteran shipwreck hunter said

he and his crew found the sidewheel steamer in July at the bottom of

Lake Huron, about 50 miles from where the vessel was last seen. The team

found the zebra mussel-covered wreck using a side-scan sonar device on a

32-foot powerboat.



The boilers, engine and wheels are in good

condition. The stern is slightly crumbled and broken up. Divers found

none of the cargo or gold rumored to be onboard.



Built in Buffalo, N.Y., and launched in

1849, it was the second-largest steamship on the Great Lakes at the time

and was among a class known as palace steamers. Some maritime

historians say the Keystone State -- instrumental in bringing

immigrants to the Midwest -- may have sunk while secretly hauling Civil

War supplies. Others question the accuracy behind that scenario.

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I was just a kid when the Fitz went down. As I lived in a port town, it was huge news. Sixty foot seas reported on Lake Superior that night. Just incredible, the power of it.

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I am not surprised they did not find any gold that was supposed to be there.


Either, somebody got there first, the current or tides moved the wreck from where it went down and spilled its cargo, the gold was never on the ship and it sank to cover up a robbery, the gold is a myth.


Who knows 152 years later.

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