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Army Sgt Major Robert Blatnik returns to Omaha Beach, Normandy France

Subdeacon Joe

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Mr. Blatnik, at 93 years of age, wanted to go onto Omaha beach, and not just in the sand. He wanted to walk the quarter to half mile, to Fox Red One. The zone on Omaha where he and his men landed 69 years ago. As we moved slowly through the sand, with his walker with wheels, Blatnik struggled with his steps, but demanded to press on. Army man to the end. He got his wish. There we stood, in the same sand that he dodged German gunfire on in 1944. Looking straight up into the high ground, and a
valley, that would be their strategic target. And then, Blatnik dropped to the sand. With tears in his eyes, he praised the Lord for sparing his life, and prayed even harder that his comrades would be taken care of. He blessed the sand under his hands and knees.


The last time Mr. Blatnik was here, the people up the hill from this beach, the soldiers of Hitler’s Nazi war machine, were doing everything in their power to kill him. Today, 69 years later, everyone who lives up that hill, and through the rolling hills of the French countryside and across this nation, praise him.





from: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=612814758778851&set=a.610503145676679.1073741828.610154225711571&type=1

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So many sacraficed so much for all of us so we could live in a free country. God Bless them and thanks to them all.

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