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What the bloody hell is wrong with people?

Subdeacon Joe

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Life sentences should be manditory hard labor. Up at sunrise and into some sort of strenuous labor until noon. a thirty minute break to feed a minimal lunch and back to work. Even if it is only moving some heavy object from point A to point B and back again, over and over until dark. Then feed them and return them to a cell where they can think about why they are where they are or sleep. Repeat until they can no longer do that task and then find another that they CAN do until they cast off this mortal shell!! No TV, no recreation hall, no social time. A short reprieve on Sunday, (or whatever their day to worship is) one hour, and then back to work. Road gangs and labor crews if there is a project that need cheap labor. Armed guards that know what their job is and are encouraged to do it right.


All other prison terms for lesser offenses are dealt with in like fashion. Do the crime? Do the time.


When appeals are settled in capital cases, put 'em down right now!!

BIg plus one to what BW said. Like the sheriff in Texas....makes them sleep in a tent, wear pink and do physical labor.



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