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Thankful for.....

Chili Ron

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Just in time for the buying season:

Im thankful for my nephew who send me a gift card that I spent on

a blu ray player and I got a bonus of a free month of Netflix.

Netflix, in case you don't know, has no commercials.

And Netflix has WESTERNS including H*** on Wheels and other

real recent westerns. Not just the oldies.

The bad thing is that now commercial TV is just that much more overbearing.

And Netflix has tv shows from channels that I never see.

Discovery is pretty nice.

Im also thankful for the MUTE button.

Overbearing loud commercials are MUCH less so with a click of MUTE.


And Im thankful for a new Cimarron.

However this isn't a rifle or revolver, no its a Cimarron

comfort height toilet that is going to save me a bundle in water bills.

And my ol beatup back isn't going to have that little extra strain anymore.


And Im thankful the house didn't get blowed away last week.




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I'm thankfull for all of you and finding this sport.

Idpa and some 3gun put a bad flavor in my mouth. Not in the tactical clique, so it seemed that I was toxic and only the stage guys would talk to me.

If a match is half as friendly as you all, you'll have a life member.

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