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Americans Try to Identify European Countries

Subdeacon Joe

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Did ya notice how everyone ALWAYS gets Italy?? The "boot" is the most recognizable country in the world!


;) Rye


( My family is from the Gargano peninsula area, aka the "spur" of the boot)

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We could do this in the 6th grade in the '50s-60s (with the then country borders and names), EASILY. We were even better in the 1870-1900s. Take a look at the examples of 8th grade tests in that era - our college grads could not remotely pass now.


And the really sad thing is that with modern technology, transportation, trade, world politics, etc, our world is such a smaller place that is so much MORE important to know these things.....


Sad that we have lost our way in education.


Back to basics!

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