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shooters who made an impression on yer life!

Montana Longhair 27261

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Just contiplati'n on how many cowboys and cowgirls have made positive and lasti'n impressions that helped mold us to who we are today.

Some have passed, but left there mark, some are still here doi'n what they do best!

I feel so blessed ta have the opportunity ta know and learn and play with folks like these, I know I would be less of a man if our trails had not crossed!



Buckshot ed

Wiley Walt

Indiana slick

C.l. Cass

Li'l sis

Jd Spencer

Spoon river Sam

JC smoke

Dk tracker

Cc top

Korupt karl

Indy kid

Doc molar and co.

Deuce Stevens and co.


Texas ghost

Entire jack clan

Derringer clan

Midnight desporado

Matt Duncan

Slick mcquick

Padre PW


Rifled slug

Coalcar kid


Carbine moons

Short term memory

Durango kid

Evil Roy

Texas jack



Travli'n kid

Mustang bill

Narvasota kid

Tommy newton



Mac Masterson

Mt heart

Double d red

Shotgun Sadie

Calamity Kelly



Grey hare

Blue hare

Copperhead Joe

Two sons

Short tom


Straight arrow hombre

Faygo kid

Faygos purty wife, daughter, and mean ol brother

RJ law

Mr. Culpepper


The mighty doc e and his traveling bunch

Srg. Eli




Doc pain

Boss outlaw

Timber jack

One eyed rider


Sage chick


Wild Walt

Michigan slim



Diamond Jim

Crazy mingo

Jonathan slim chance

Duke Skywalker

Mad mike


Shot glass

Dapper Dan

Texas jack Daniels


Everyone has a extended family a moms ,dads, grandmas, grandpas, ta everyone whoever crossed my families path, I thank and tip my hat to ya!



All the folks at trailhead, dear creek, bristol, circle r, Middletown, bar 3, land run, Michigan state, Ohio state, the pass, Rockford, everyone in The Great State a Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wyoming, Dakotas, Colorado, Georgia, Arizona, new Mexico, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, parts a Illinois, Florida, Montana, did I mention the great state a texas, ext,ext.




This list will continue, gotta git ta work

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Boston John Doucette

Jake Dunson

Silver City Rebel

Georgia Slick

Forty Rod

San Quinton

Hardbark Harry

Rufus Cogburn

Doc Duncan and Yankee Red

Judge 'Em All Duncan and Yazoo City Gal

Joe West

Braveheart Bill

Hotshoe Hannah


Whip Rawlings

Swift Stoney and Kid Nama

Gunn Walker

Montana Brown

Talon MacLeod

Lonesome Buckeye

Russ N Hound

Done Gone

Blarney Shooter


Packrat and Opal Rose

Nooga Kid

Lincoln Hawk

Doc Griffin

Buckshot Barry

Blue Ridge Rattler

Ozark Azz


Shoshone Slim

J. Mark Flint

Fast Harley and Last Kiss

Joe West

Cherokee Charlie

Rolan Kraps

Bones Jones


Potshot Parker

Badlands Bob


Finally, all of you 'mother hens' who have made a point to keep watch over me during my cancer recovery. ;)

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I M Crossdraw

Stone Creek Drifter

Split Rail






They're always there to help. ;)



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There's no way to list 'em all...seriously.


China Camp

Smoke Parnell

Jim Bowie


Lead Dispenser...and His Dad Swifty Swede

Badlands Bud


Dixie Bell

Running Bare and Dastardly Dave

Wylee One

Joe Darter

Lefty Longridge



I could go one...there's been a lot of 'em.



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Good Thread!!


Split Rail

Stone Creek Drifter

I.M. Crossdraw

Prairie Dawg

Ruthless McDraw

Cheyenne Culpepper

Moosetracks (my Dad)

Swiftwater Jack

Shenango Joe

Ohio Cheatin Charlie


Afraid I am gonna miss someone, but these are some folks who have made me a better person and better shooter!

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China Camp











...and I'll admit. Had it not been for Cole Younger, the last 20 years would have been a lot different.




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Great Topic.. Durango Kid ( missed very much )


Dean Arnold


Jimmy Spurs

And a couple Cowboys that'r a heck of alot younger then me, but I look up to Bigtime...

Two gun Tuco

Jerseytown Kid

Badlands Drifter

Of course my personal coach's.. Cactus Whiskey

Jesemy Kid

SlowPoke John

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There are these pards (God rest'em)


The Rattler: he was one of those guys that naturally command attention and was all about the cowboy way and shoot'in. A real motivator.


Buckshot Ed: when I first started out I admired him for his "not to be stopped" determination; because of a shoulder injury he'd carry a big stick to act as support for his rifle. He shot stout loads and was pretty fast too. He looked and spoke just like Slim Pickens, least I thought so.


Wiley Walt: He was an Elder Statesman, wasn't a big feller but was one tuff pard. He shot in all conditions hot, cold, rain....I didn't know at the time that he had been Captain in Marines, so I guess that explains a lot about him right there. I always pictured if there was a shoot-out he would be the grampa cowboy stationed upstairs in the cabin offering cover fire cause he was steady and never missed.



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I haven't been in this game very long, but I've sure been impacted buy some great people!!


Montana Longhair (Furball)

Matthew Duncan

C.C. Top

Lil Sis

Aunt B

Midnight Desperado

Mack Masterson

Flush Draw

Oopsie Daisy

Michigan Slim


Justice D Spencer

Spoon River Sam

Dusty Deputy

Hundred X Kid

Rusty finger

Boss Outlaw

The Korupt One(Karl)


There are so many others, I could go on. But all of these folks have made a positive impact, not only on my cowboy shootin, but on my life.


And last but by no means least, my lovely wife, RayL Gun. Who not only allows me to do this, but encourages and supports me 150%.

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Buckshot Ed and Wiley Walt were my riding partners for over 6 years. As Toon pointed out Ed was a unique man. From an accomplished Ball Room Dancer to a scuba diver to at one time one of the guys to beat in the Midwest. He shot through pinched nerves, cancer, leg amputation and you never heard him complain. Always that big smile on his face.


He taught me about cowboy stuff, reloadin,etc...but more importantly he taught me about never giving up. If he liked you he would ride the river with you. ....and as Furball knows, if you don't wear your seat belt you get one warning and then his big fist in your shoulder and that man had big hands.


Walt; Always experimenting with the powder charge...you never knew from month to month what he was going to shoot from cap and ball to anything else he had. In the process there were a lot of squibs. I can always remember yelling "Kill em all Walt" and he would freeze for a second in the jogging position and let out a warhoop and then would slowly walk to the next position. He was proud that he often shot clean...slow, but clean...lol.


Walt was a Marine officer for 20 years, a school teacher until he retired from that and he was an overall good man. When Walt and Ed died within a year of each other it put a big void in my life. I have a lot of reminders around that keep me aware of their presence and our club has a beautiful memorial for them and others that have passed.


I miss you boys.....KK

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Every shooter I have met. But some are special. Between Scouting and CAS, all my best friends have come. Not friends -thet be FAMILY. And wives. Some of the most tolerant wimmins I have ever known....... especially Montana's!

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Let me add Longshot Logan to our list.


For his wonderful sense of humor, and for showing us how to make gunstocks look better than when they came from the factory, and for making the metal parts look like antiques. His instructions have allowed me to spend many enjoyable hours dressing up some of my guns.


I miss his craziness.

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I have only been shooting CAS about five years so my list is fairly short, But those people have made a big impression on me.


Cowboy Carty

TA Spurs

Count Sandor

Ole #7

Grannie Annie

Lanky Frame


Colt Wesson

Fancy Bob


There are several shooters that have helped me along the way that I may not even know their names but also had a big roll to play in my shooting.


None of my mentors, thankfully have passed


I would not be the shooter I am without their help and encouragement.


Wait just a minute I just realized not all of them should be on my list!!! But you know who you are. :P

There are a few more but I don't want to them to get a big head. :)


I hate to make a list because I will always forget someone. All of my close shooting friends know I am grateful for all their help.

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When I first Started out-Avenger, Utah Red, Columbus D Shannon, Bounty Hunter, Sidewinder, Doc Peabody


And LAter on- Tom Doodly Squat, Powder Bags, Quick Cal, Handlebar Doc, Longhunter, Spur Roberts, Holy Terror, Jersey Kid, Diamond Dick


Currently- Snakebite, Pale Wolf, Gus Ashcroft, Flying W Ramrod, Darlin' Dave


Thanks all of you, and just about everyone I have met in this sport




Several more popped to mind-Johnny Meadows-Jim Bowie-TL, Dixie Bell, Hipshot.



And especially William Billy Brooks, Polish Clarence, Utah Johnny Montana-without them Chorro Valley Regulators would have never happened.

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Two Shots Short (May he rest in peace, he will not be forgotten), Calamity Nan, Longtooth, Dangerous Denny, Big Grit, Pair-A-Dice, Dam Road Mike


These folks will always have your back, and are padre to ride the river with.



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It would be a shorter list of those that didn't help me in some way or another.....Nobody's on that list!!!

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For the patience they showed in teaching me to shoot so I could play this game:


Josephina Bouchet

Jus Wolf

Red Johnson


For teaching me all about CAS and just for being really good friends:

Gingles and Miss Tida

Joesphina Bouchet and Cutter Schofield

Red Johnson

Sonora Blaze and Blazen Vaquero

Luther and Lady Justice

Red River Wrangler and Sweet Lil


For sheer inspiration as a champion Gunfighter (not that I'll ever be one):

Lightning Cat (Rest in Peace, you are still missed!)


And for all that and much, much more:

Painted Filly, one of the sweetest people I've ever been blessed to know


My life is much better for having had the honor of meeting every single one of them!

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I'm just a greenhorn, but livin here in Florida I have a lot of help :D

Roughneck Rod

Santa Fe River Stan

Von Zipper

Delta Glen

Deadly Sharpshooter


and about 200 others but I gotta go back to work


Mississippi Kid :ph34r:

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OH this is hard....


Korupt Karl , for introducing my to the shoots in FL, and for being a true pard,

Lassiter, one of the first shooters to teach me tricks for CAS

Johnny Shiloh, for introducing me to CAS

Splitrail and Stonecreek of course

everyone at Tusco

Everyone at OVV

Cripple Creek

Short Tom and Two Sons

Killem all Kate

Kanada Girl

Calico, for being my storytelling pardette

Wyatt, for being,,,, well Wyatt

All the people that run the shoots I get to attend


oh heck,,,,,, almost everyone that I know in this game....


Velvet, and jerry


I would strain my fingers trying to write y'all down



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There are so many Cowboys/Cowgirls out there that I have known over my years in this shooting family of friends that there isn't enough room to put them all down. They have all inspired me in many ways and still do. My family members are at the top of the list as they themselves inspire the heck out of me.


See you all on the range!

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The Brothers...Moe Gunns and Mike Fink

Eleanor Jewel'

High Ridge Kid

No Buc Chuck

Furball and Lil' Sis

Baldy Bill

Dakota Doc

JR Law

Steal Rider

Bad Creek Kid

and all the other Great Ohio Pards (way to many for my fingers to type)

Doc Royal Pain

So many more Great Pards and Pardettes from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and everywhere I've been.

The biggest Man with the Biggest Heart..My Pard........GASLIGHT.......RIP.......My Friend

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Couldn't begin to name them all, but can't fail to mention Shifty Eye, Witch Doctor and Pig Iron Lane.

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My first match, my first stage RO'd by my dear pard Snake Eyes Frank and the welcome I got from the rest of the posse that day left a lasting impression on me.

The kindness of Red Haymaker to offer assistance and advice to a goofy lady he didn't know with really big guns that she was trying to learn to shoot one-handed because she wanted to be a gunfighter.

The kindness of Cactus Cris and the More Powder Posse to take in a lady shooting BP - back when ladies shooting BP was downright abnormal.

I miss my friend Annie Lee - the only woman that I could talk to about reloading and sewing.


All the pards in Texas. All cowboys are nice, but a lady traveling to a match solo gets some kind of special Texas hospitality.

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There just is no way to thank all of the folks in SASS who have inspired me. The list would run pages and pages. Instead, I'll thank the SASS people as a whole. Ya'll have enriched my life like no other person or people could. Ya'll have made me a better person in life on the range and in real life. I sincerly thank you all.


I will thank one person........my Dad, Cypress Sam. The man who pestered the hell out me until I went to a match. You've done a lot to make my life better but getting me into SASS is, without a doubt, the one most important and life changing event that could have ever happened to me. Thanks Dad.



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English Andy

Handsome Valentine

Wes Fargo

Rattler John

Texas Paladin

Handlebar Doc


Dan Nabbit

Kate & Judge

Cody Conagher



Bounty Hunter

Island Girl

Ruff Cobb

Black Dawge


Brisco & Kiam Q

TX Johnny Ringo

T A Chance

Non Stop


Mo and Curly K

T-Bone and Nuttin

so many more

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