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Quicksdraw Connie #29743

El Concho's anniversary celebration

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El Concho is doing much better since his fall. He is still not able to come out and shoot with us yet, but is working very hard with therapy to get there. He and his lovely wife, Linda, are going to be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks and their family is having a 'card shower' for them. If you would like to join in this celebration and would like to send them an anniversary card or note, please send them to:


Ed (El Concho) & Linda Hefley's 50th Anniversary Card Shower

P.O. Box 540214

Merritt Island, FL 32954


Please send them to arrive by November 15, 2013. It really would mean a lot for El Concho to hear from y'all, as he really misses being with the 'cowboy family'!!


God bless all of you and your families!!!!!!!! Wishing all a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Quicksdraw Connie

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Sent you a PM, El Kabong. :ph34r:






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