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SKB 100 12 GA Dirt Merchant built $1300/ SOLD/ please delete

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My back up gun, wood is in excellent condition. This gun has been shot less than 200 times since I built it.
22" barrels chamfered and honed. Full race ready
Would consider partial trade for 1911 in 45 acp ,Commander size


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Wow.....This gun has been here for 9 days and I can't believe someone hasn't jumped on it. Now I don't have a dog in this hunt but have you noticed what SKB's are going for on Gunbroker? Find a gunsmith to do an action job on an SKB for $200.....yea right. OK so it's got a splinter forearm but come on! It could be that I'm out of touch and the SKB's are falling out of favor and the Browning BSS is the hot SXS at the present time, or maybe the '97........NOT!


If I didn't already have a main match gun and a backup, both are SKB's all cowboy'ed and ready to go, I'd be all over this. Did I mention that I have two more original SKB's in my safe waiting for what, I can't say. How many backup's does one need. It could be that I just like SKB's.



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