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Gunfighter wins NE Regional Title

Dutch Coroner

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Congratulations to Walker Colt, NE Regional Champion for 2013.


Congratulations also to Sunshine Marcie for winning the NE Regional Ladies championship.


And a big congratulations to James Samuel Pike and Shamrock Sadie for winning the men and women's overall titles.


The top gun shoot off was won by Two Gun Tuco. Sunshine Marcie won the ladies shoot off.


Congratulations to all the category winners and a big thank you to everyone that helped put on the shoot.



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Congrats to Jedi #12 "Jedi Master" for winning the regional as a GF. Gunfighters rule.


Good Goin Colt.



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Congrats to all of the winners and survivors of a tough match! A special congratulations to all of the clean shooters!


Sunshine Marcie and Two Gun Tuco held it together for the shootoff....congratulations to some real fine shooters!

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Congrats to JEDI MASTER #12, Walker Colt.


early on in my SASS life, I had already heard about Walker Colt as an accomplished GF.


I SALUTE him for a great match.


And I also want to congrats Two Gun Tuco for TOP GUN shootoff win. He's a darn good shooter and I got a feeling that he's gona get even better.




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Walker Colt is a true champion all of the time period.


Not only does he shoot good, he never sits on his gun cart the whole time contemplating the next stage, but actually works his butt off as well.


Congrats to him as well as Shamrock Sadie, Sunshine Marcie, James Samuel Pike as well as my two favorite young shooters who also work their butts off Two Gun Tuco and Jerseytown Kid.


Hud McCoy

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Congrats to all.

I'm always impressed with skill it takes to shoot Gunfighter.....well done Walker Colt.


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