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Reloading Hang-up

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I was loading .45 ACP rounds last night - something I have done innumerable times without a hitch on this machine. I started out with new Federal brass, and after the problem arose, switched to new Winchester brass - no difference.


The problem occurs under the powder die; the case seems to be sticking inside the die, and I need two hands to pull the handle back up and extract the case from the die.


I'm using Dillon carbide dies; I do not lubricate. Never been an issue previously. No marks or distortions on the cases after loading - just stiff reistance to moving the handle, and a scraping/grinding feeling as I force it back up.




Much appreciated.



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If this is fired brass, it sounds like you have come across some brass that has been fired in a slightly over sized chamber. It maybe expanded more than your past brass. If this is the case, try some spray lube and run the brass through to bring it back to spec.


Also clean the sizing die if you haven't. Crud can build up on the inside and make sizing brass more difficult. This crud will be smooth and very polished so you may not see it just looking through the die.

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It's because it's NEW brass.


Fired brass has a coating on the inside of the case. Burnt powder and graphite. This acts as a lubricant.


Squeaky-clean NEW brass, has no coating. The brass sticks to the steel (or aluminum, depending on who made your dies) expander.


Every time I use NEW brass, I have to pull harder to get it off the expander. Once it's been fired, and has that nice little coating, the problem goes away.



edit: I'm assuming that your "powder die" is like the Lee one - a hollow expander, and it bells and charges on the same stroke?

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Check the die to be certain that it is clean. Sometimes residue will build up over time.

Clean and dry and maybe a touch of case lube on the first go around. Then clean again.

A bright flashlight is your friend here.


I use Imperial sizing wax with a light, very light coat on my fingers and then a q tip with

a very light coating in the inside. Be sure to clean the die after use of wax.


New brass is famous for being out of spec. Even if the Manufacture says it isn't so. It is so.

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The new brass has never been expanded, and the expander die is being gripped tightly by the case mouth. Polish the expander to a very slick finish and the problem will lessen or go away entirely.



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