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Marbles 69w sight for a 1866

Holiday Hayes SASS#39,336

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Is this sight SASS legal? It has a small non-click windage adjustment screw under the folding blade. I didn't realize it was the "W" model until I recieved it. The dovetail is too close to mount a standard Marbles sight properly. Thanks for any info


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Yes the site is legal,from the SASS handbook...



Sights must look like sights available during the cowboy era
bead, blade, simple post, or otherwise approved front sights (such as the XS Cowboy Express) made of materials such as
steel, iron, ivory, faux ivory, brass, gold, pewter, copper, or silver are allowed
Colors other than those of the materials referenced above or any “fluorescent” materials may
not be applied to either front or rear sights.
Rear and front sights may be “blacked”
painted, or plated in the colors of the previously listed materials
If blacking, paint, or plating is applied to a revolver front sight, it must
cover the entire rear surface of the sight to give the appearance of a solid material
All rear sights may have their openings adjusted.
The front sight may be raised or lowered to bring point of aim and point of impact into alignment.
The back of the front sight may be serrated.
Tang mounted rear sights may utilize changeable “peep” apertures and eyecups.
No bolt or receiver mounted sight is permitted.
Dovetails may be
milled in the barrel for sight replacement.
Beech style front sights and sight hoods are allowed.
Front sights may include a bead or insert of steel, iron, ivory, faux ivory, brass, gold,
pewter, copper, or silver. The bead or insert shall be the color of the material.
Rear sights may utilize an insert of the same color as the rear sight to allow easy sight
Ramp style front sights are allowed if original to the firearm.
Modern style click adjustable barrel or receiver sights are not allowed
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