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Grouchy Spike

What's the Call?

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Thanks to all who replied and shared their wisdom. 8 pages of thread and we beat the topic to death!


After all of the discussion, it appears to ME to be one miss and one penalty for an unfired round. However, the rules committe can sort this out, hopefully without making it complicated.


Perhaps the term 'engaged' should mean 'shot at' or 'discharged at round at' so that unsuccessful attempts (misfires, malfunctions) don't count as an engagement.


If one has a misfire, does the TO or spotter know which target was 'engaged'? Seems vauge to me.


Thanks again!

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SASS or CAS is a Sport that has Shooters with different Views and Marksmanship and Speed Abilities (Age & Health Issues)


Views Serious Shooters - Middle of the Road Shooters - Fun Shooters

Marksmanship Great Shooters - Average Shooters - Poor Shooters

Speed Fast Shooters - Average Shooters - Slow Shooters


With the above you have a possibility of 27 different types of shooters wanting the rules to be fair for them.


The RO Committee is doing their best.

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