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WTS Colt 2nd Gen BP dragoon still for sale MAKE an OFFER

Trigger Mike

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I have the following for sale:


1) Colt 2nd Generation 1860 army with black box papers and tag still attached. It has been turned. Unfired. I bought it from a cowboy shooter who never used it and it sat in my safe after I bought it. $750 shipped. now $700 shipped


2) Colt 2nd generation 2nd model dragoon. black box and papers has been turned and there is a slight ring on the cylinder. The gun store I bought it from said it was unfired. $875 shipped. now $800 shipped NOW $680 shipped each for the two dragoons I have for sale.


first to say "I'll take it" on this posting wins it. I take postal money order, or paypal gift. If you live in Georgia and have a 44-40 I may consider it as I have a lot of 44-40 ammo left that I doubt I will use otherwise. If you live in Georgia and want to buy BP 44-40 I can sell you the factory ammo.


I really need the cash y'all. I don't want to go lower than the new lower price of 1300 for the set. I also have some Uberti 1860 pistols as well as other items.


If you need a second Colt Dragoon, I do have another in even better shape that I bought from Sixgun Shorty. I doubt the cylinder has been turned on that one and it has the black box as well.

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You have to ship by UPS or FedEx no USPS!


Get an ORM-D sticker from the shipper. Do not go to the shipping center they do not know shipping it is legal, go to the hub directly.

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I moved too far away to do much CAS so I never will fire these. I have a second 2nd generation Colt Dragoon that according to the cowboy I bought it from who is a dealer/collector has never been fired. I can sell it as well if someone wants two dragoons.

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How much for one of the Uberti 1860 Armys? I've had a couple Piettas in the past and miss not having an Army. Already am blessed with a '58 Remmie, 3rd Model Dragoon and '51 Navy. Trying to watch expenses this time of the year but if affordable, I might just spring for a good, clean Army.

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