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Gun Control Play Book


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Yup, it appears that the gun control types operate out of a playbook.


Dave Workman wrote an article about it > http://www.examiner.com/article/there-is-a-gun-control-playbook-versus-washington-gun-owners


And you can read the 'play book' here > http://www.tbe.org/uploadedFiles/site/Rabbis_Corner/Rabbi_Study_Materials/Gun%20ViolenceMessaging%20Guide%20PDF-1.pdf

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Ha! 80 pages of marketing strategy. I'll read it because that floats my boat! The average anti-civil liberties person will not have the aptitude or endurance to actually read AND understand what is being said.


BTW, in just the first 21 pages there are clearly several direct lies and this messaging program relies heavily on the same tactics that get people to donate 50 cents a day to foreign country relief funds!


update: I also looked at the sources and to no surprise, the FBI UCS data that we know and love is not cited at all. The do rely on some FBI material, but I have not had time to review. I also think most every one of the point-counter point comments can be answered with a little thought and emotional content!

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